Martine Brown
Martine Brown

From my purpose-built ISDN studio, I produce voiceovers on a daily basis for a huge variety of clients worldwide, with a warmth, intelligence and wit that brings a sparkle and accessibility to even the most technical of scripts.

I'm passionate about the work I do and feel very strongly that, as my voice is often the first point of contact for my client’s customers, I have a responsibility to reach out and connect with them in a way that best showcases the brand.

My voice is natural, friendly, warm, clear and professional. As an experienced actress, I can bring a wealth of expertise to a script; fun, upbeat and characterful, compassionate and caring, concise and clear… and always delivered with the end user in mind.

Voiceover Demo - See my Audio Samples page for more

Harry Baxendale

My 11 year old son, Harry, is also represented by Stevenson Withers and is an award winning voiceover artist! His work for Haven Holidays has seen them win a MARCE Award from OHMA for Most Entertaining Production. He's about to voice the young lead in the eagerly awaited "We Happy Few" video game for Compulsion Games. Listen to some examples of Harry's work.